About Winter Cities Institute

Those who live and work in northern cities recognize the need for better planning and design. The sustainability of winter cities requires a creative, innovative approach that addresses the problems of snow and cold while enhancing the advantages, opportunities and beauty of the winter season. A positive approach benefits the attitudes of residents, and bolsters the community’s ability to attract new business and residents.

The Winter Cities Institute was organized to identify, promote and share the positive attributes of winter living, new concepts in architecture and urban design, and success stories from those places that are thriving in the north.

The Institute was founded by Patrick Coleman, AICP, recognized for his work with the Livable Winter Cities Association (WCA). From 1982-2005, the WCA organized conferences, published books and the quarterly magazine “Winter Cities”. The Institute has taken the place of the WCA in carrying out the mission of promoting the livable winter city.

The Winter Cites Institute offers resources, contacts and networking for those looking to improve the quality of life in wintertime and need information on what is being done in other northern places. Our members are from around the world and include:

  • Cities and Towns
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Parks and Recreation Professionals
  • Chambers of Commerce and Economic Developers

Welcome to the resources available on this site and consider joining the network to get even more benefits.